39: Finding Peace in our Bodies with Madison King

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We have a treat in this episode as we chat about body image, peace in trusting our bodies, and gratitude for all our bodies can do!
Do you feel at home in your body, or fully appreciate this vessel for all it can do for you? If you're challenged by this you're certainly not alone in that journey to appreciation.
Join me, your Host Shannon Bodie as I learn from our return guest Energy Medicine Practitioner Madison King.

An internationally recognized practitioner, teacher, writer and educator in the field of natural healthcare. Madison has an inherent ability to simply sense, ‘know’ and work with energy and for more than 30 years literally thousands of students, clients (and their pets) have benefited from working with her.

Madison brings her wealth of experience as an Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) practitioner to our discussion with compassion, love and trust for anyone that could stand to love and appreciate our bodies more! She shares ideas for muscle testing, loving self talk, self massage, mirror work, and so many more ideas that we can take at our pace for deeper peace no matter where you are in relationship to your body and safety within it.
For Group and Individual
Coaching with Host Shannon Bodie (Arnett), NBC-HWC, MA, CEHP, RYT-500
Director Inner Peace Rising, LLC,
In the Pace as You Go "Love in the Mirror" Course,
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www.innerpeacerising.com (courses tab)
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For work and resources with Madison King including FREE instruction on self muscle testing described in the episode go to:
Look out for her blogs – many with videos embedded. A great (free) resource. https://www.madisonking.com/blog

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