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Revs Tom, Jamie and Daniel discuss the entirely unsurprising extension of the lockdown beyond June 21st, touching on the effects upon the NHS and the implications for weddings specifically. We also discuss the vaccine roll-outs and concerns around children's vaccination. We finish with something completely different (thankfully!).
Our Scripture this week is taken from Ephesians 6:10-20, as Rev Daniel compares the shield of full armour of God to the contemporary shields of masks and PPE.
Dr Renee Hoenderkamp - We cannot allow our country to become a draconian dystopia
Martin Robinson - Wedding chaos caused by lockdown extension
Bret Weinstein - How to Save the World in Three Easy Steps (video) and podcast version
Neville Hodgkinson - This untested vaccine should never have been released. The truth will out and heads will roll
Steve Kirsch - Should you get vaccinated?
Dr Ros Jones, Rev'd Dr William Philip, Rev'd Dr Jamie Franklin - The Pulse, Child Vaccination Ethics
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