The Michigan Othersportscast 3.27: End of the Road

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With David Nasternak and Alex Drain

Segment 1: Baseball's Last Weekend and Look Ahead
  • Hajjer was good, got unlucky and no support.
  • Weston...not so much. Also no support.
  • Who's back, who's not...who else matters?
  • Decently strong core returning
Segment 2: French Open Update and NHL Fireworks
  • Men's Draw...well chosen!
  • Women's Draw...uhhhhh not as much
  • Isles/Bruins is great tv; Canadian Series is not really
  • Tampa is just too complete; Avs/Knights have lived up to the hype
  • Caveat for the summer!


  • NHL on ESPN Theme
  • "Closing Time"—Semisonic
  • Ice Hockey (NES) theme

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