WTKA Roundtable 6/3/2021: The Magic of Detroit Day

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Things discussed:

  • Detroit Day: rename the BBQ at the Big House—they’re letting Detroit know they’re a priority post-Brown.
  • Craig: Local players have a stronger connection to the program.
  • Gattis extension: Can’t recruit on a short contract. What if Michigan needs out?
  • Hunter Dickinson draft: Like Livers last year, he’s probably just getting an evaluation, but it does start the clock that he’s probably leaving after 2021-‘22.
  • Break Talk: Red Wings are cursed, NHL never has a problem getting other franchises the first overall pick.
  • Owen Power first overall? Seth: how many years did the Wings get to the trade deadline needing a solid defenseman, and Power is that as a floor.
  • Which NHL teams will leave our players in college? Which guys are we keeping?
  • Michigan baseball: bit by the good pitching, last year’s run was good pitching too. They’re in a really tough regional: host Notre Dame might be the worst team.
  • Naomi Osaka and the role of press conferences.

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