154: Can Writing a Book Bring You Happiness? with Ted Smith

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Ted Smith is a relationship and personal coach who has dedicated himself to helping people develop, maintain, and enjoy happy and healthy relationships with themselves and others. He understands the challenges of unhealthy relationships and provides an example of hope, strength, and transformation. In his book, he talks about the journey that he went through navigating an unhealthy relationship and how you can learn from him to heal and transform in your relationships.

What We Discuss with Ted Smith:

  • What prompted him to want to write a book
  • How he tapped into his creative side being an analytical person
  • The core message of his book
  • Some signs of an unhealthy relationship
  • His aha moments during his writing process
  • How to heal from an abusive relationship
  • Ted’s description of happiness now
  • His thought process around how much of his personal life should be put into the book
  • Why we tend to attract abusive relationships
  • The biggest hurdle he had to overcome as an author

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