14: How are Your Relationships? The Learning Lab is Live and Open!

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How are your relationships going? Are there some that need some reconfiguring, reform, or potentially revolution?
This Love in the Mirror episode continues our series around greater love for ourselves and others. We get to explore what we need to shift in our own perspectives, beliefs, boundaries, and agreements in our relationships. Pick one that you'd like to explore at home, in community, friendships or at work that is troubling you, and we'll look together at how to approach this in new ways for greater joy and satisfaction!
We can't change the behaviors of others but we CAN change our responses, patterns, and sometimes our boundaries in ways that honor everyone involved!
You'll leave our 30 minute episode with some clear steps and places to explore for more joy on a daily basis, and to determine what really works best for you.
You'll also hear a plug for Soothing Centering Sanity Practices and how to find these free on www.facebook.com/innerpeacerising for stress response tools in our challenging times right now!
For more information visit www.innerpeacerising.com or contact Shannon directly at shannon@innerpeacerising.com.
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