I, Podius - “A Touch of Murder”/”Family Affairs” (February 17, 2020)

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You’ve watched them tweet about it for months and talk about it on their own respective Maximum Fun podcasts – now the wait is finally over!

I, Podius, the twelve episode limited-run series hosted by John Hodgman of the Judge John Hodgman show and Elliott Kalan of The Flop House podcast is here. Each week, John and Elliott will recap an episode of the 1970s BBC miniseries “I, Claudius.” Along for the ride are some very special guests, as well as dispatches from the empire and tons and tons of commentary on ancient Roman history.

For our inaugural episode, John and Elliott are recapping and reviewing episode 1/1.A “A Touch of Murder”/”Family Affairs.”

Watch along at home and make sure to follow John and Elliott on Twitter for all of their hot takes that couldn’t make it to air.

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