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The David Ross Show is a free audio and video podcast featuring guests and discussions of current events, cultural trends, politics, and social issues. Pragmatism over ideology, and practicality over identity. Irreverence over all. With in-depth conversation, educational interviews, and entertaining discussions, this show has something for everyone. Find out more at www.TheDavidRossShow.com
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To some, a man dragged to his death behind a truck equals justice. To others, it's a sad example of human cruelty. To us, it's a sign of the times, and a possible light on where our society is headed as civility and the rule of law seem to be taking a nose dive.Από τον David Ross
In 1992 a black man went down to Memphis, TN and took 2nd place in the Elvis Impersonator World Championships. He came in 2nd again in 1997. When it happened a third time in 1999, some said he'd never actually win. After all, it was the heart of the deep south, in the city where Martin Luther King was assassinated, against a hundred other white Elv…
No need to shout, "F*ck the Police!" The police are already f*cked. In the midst of the strongest anti-police protests in our nation's history, Dale The Cop peels back some of the layers of the cop world that you have never heard about and might not even believe.Από τον David Ross
We were "locked and loaded" - ready to launch a punchy podcast and make a splash. Then, just as our podcast was about to launch, we were blindsided by the coronavirus taking over Seattle, then the whole state of Washington, then the USA. Instead of pressing Pause, we pressed on and decided to intro The David Ross Show with a look at coronavirus tha…
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